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Oct 2016

Try our spooktacular EssentialsPlus training courses this halloween

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Whether you’re managing vampires or ghosts, goblins or witches, you need to make sure your spooky staff have the right training to cope with their busiest season. With that in mind here’s a few of our EssentialsPlus courses that could help you make this Halloween a treat rather than a trick.


Complaints Management for your witches

Sometimes even the most well cast spells go wrong, and complaining clients can get scary.  When the time comes you’ll want to make sure that your witches are trained to not throw their broomsticks out of the pram. Instead you want them to follow procedure and respond to complaints professionally - that can be difficult if they haven’t been given the correct training. By providing quality training to your staff can mean that even the Wicked Witch of the West could become a loyal customer!


Fangtastic data protection 

Data protection – aaargh! Not the most interesting of topics.  Some people find it as interesting as vampires find a string of garlic. So what’s the answer? Well we think it’s short courses that provide real life scenarios - this keeps learners engaged because they can directly apply what they’re learning to the work place. Our data protection course does exactly that! It will teach your vampires about the data protection act and how their clients' data should be stored.


Health and Safety for your monsters 

Blood curdling screams can really harm your ears and lifting heavy bodies needs to be done with care. When you have a new monster recruit it’s crucial to provide them with proper health and safety training so that no tentacles get lost along the way. It’s your responsibility as head of monster management to protect your staff from accidents within the work place as much as possible. After our monster101 health and safety courses your staff will have a better understanding of legislation and how to protect those fury fingers and toes.


Anti-Bribery for your ghosties

Did you know that the Bribery Act 2010 also applies to haunted houses? Yes, we’re sad to say that not everyone is Casper the Friendly Ghost and bribery does in fact raise its ugly head up from time to time. Therefore as an employer it is important to ensure your staff and organisation have procedures in place to prevent bribery. With our anti-bribery module your workforce will be able to identify the four main un-ghostly offences as well as the main aspects of the bribery act 2010.

Well there you have it! Those are our four scarily good courses for this Halloween. And there’s more good news: even if they’re hiding under a bed or cosy in their coffin your staff can carry on learning on their laptops, smart phones and tablets.  We hope that we’ve provided you with a small introduction into spook training and have highlighted why our EssentialsPlus courses fit the bill for your staff. After all no one wants miserable monsters, wicked witches, ghastly ghosts and vile vampires from horrifying training!

Find out more about our EssentialsPlus training courses. Alternatively sign up for our free instant access trial!

Now all that's left to say is have a happy Halloween from all of us here at Kineo.



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