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Dec 2019

Support: Your feedback

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Shaping the future of learning

At Kineo we very much value the feedback of our clients – which is why we conduct our biannual survey, asking our existing LMS clients to rate our service.

The survey gives our clients a chance to tell us how they see our quality of service across a number of areas from knowledge and competence to clarity of communication and willingness to help. This lets us see what we do well, what our clients value, and what we can improve upon.


"They are quick to respond and we are very satisfied with the level of service they provide."


  • It’s always good to hear our clients have no trouble finding a friendly face to speak to, and we are happy to see this is represented in their responses. Every respondent told us that they were satisfied with how friendly and courteous we are
  • When it comes to the overall experience with Kineo’s Client Services team, our clients told us that they were pleased – 90% responded that they were satisfied with the overall level of service.
  • Again, regarding overall experience, half of all respondents told us that they were “completely satisfied”, up from 20% in March.
  • In 7 of 9 categories we have seen an increase of “Completely Satisfied” responses (compared to “satisfied” or “very satisfied”) over previous surveys.


"Friendliness and responsiveness is great - I like how proactive the team are with solutions."


A key part of our survey is learning what our clients’ priorities are when it comes to our service. This year we have seen the top three priorities stay the same across both surveys, and since March we have seen a growing satisfaction in these. Our clients told us that their top three priorities were

  1. Knowledge and Competence
  2. Proactivity
  3. Clarity

90% of survey respondents rated these as “Satisfied” or above, and we have seen in increase in ratings of “Completely Satisfied” since the last survey.


Check out the the full findings in the below infographic:


  • 100% satisfied response in the category of Courtesy/Friendliness
  • 0% dissatisfied response in the category of overall experience
  • Knowledge and Competence – 90% rated “Satisfied” or above, with a 32% increase in “Completely Satisfied” since March
  • Proactivity – 90% rated “Satisfied” or above, with a 26% increase in “Completely Satisfied” since March
  • Clarity - 90% rated “Satisfied” or above, with a 20% increase in “Completely Satisfied” since March


"Overall I have been very impressed with Kineo's support team and I get the sense that they genuinely want to help you solve your issue."


Overall, we have seen a fantastic response with at least 90% of clients rating “Satisfied” or above across all areas.

This survey has shown an increasing trend toward “Completely Satisfied” responses versus “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”, which we are pleased shows an increasingly positive trend in the quality of our service. In addition to this, 40% of respondents rated us 10/10 when asked if they would recommend us to a friend or colleague, with only 20% of respondents rating us below 7/10.

We are delighted to hear this positive feedback, and grateful for the suggestions of how we can improve. Our goal is to provide the highest possible standard of service and letting us know where you feel we need to improve is a huge part of that. Maintaining a continuing trend of improving service is at the heart of what we do here, and the best way we can do that is to hear your comments.

The feedback of our clients is invaluable when it comes to meeting your evolving needs, so if there are any further topics you wish to discuss with us, please contact your Client Services Manager who will be happy to discuss your thoughts.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your feedback, and wish you a happy festive season.



Shaping the future of learning

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