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Oct 2019

Kineo announces global library content partner Asset Wisdom to build Asset Management learner competency


Kineo and Asset Wisdom have come together to form a strategic partnership to spread Asset Management knowledge on a global scale.  Asset Wisdom offers specialist e-learning to build corporate and individual Asset Management competency and confidence enabling  significant and sustainable business performance improvement.

Kineo is thrilled to become a reseller of the Asset Wisdom awe! branded online Asset Management (AM) courses. awe! is an incremental series of 4 e-learning  courses to empower individuals and organisations to help realise value from their assets. All courses are interactive and engaging with end of course assessments. Each course has been rigorously tested and industry approved. They are all fully accredited and carry CPD points and endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

The courses map onto the requirements of the International Standard for AM, ISO55000 and the syllabus of two of the IAM’s exams – AM Foundation Award and AM Certificate.

95+% of learners who complete the awe! online courses and go on to take the IAM Certificate exam, pass. 

The portfolio of learning available in Kineo’s off the shelf library will cater for  anyone embarking on an AM career, or fulfil a need to understand the basic concepts, language and benefits. The courses are:

  • awe! Asset Management Gateway Course 3 x modules 2-3 hours notional learning
  • awe! Asset Management Foundation Award Course 3 x modules + reading text + Knowledge test 5 hours notional learning
  • awe! Asset Management Certificate Course 14 x modules + recommended reading 25 hours notional learning
  • awe! Progression to Asset Management Certificate Course 11 x modules + recommended reading 20 hours notional learning (for learners who have completed the AM Gateway or AM Foundation course first)
  • Self-assembly courses – pick and mix from the 14 modules to suit your specific learning needs

Asset Wisdom is at the forefront of a transformation in raising motivation, productivity and knowledge retention. Asset Wisdom provides the underlying insights and practical skills to manage assets in whatever industry sector, country or culture. With deep understanding in how to incorporate best international practices and harness your existing strengths and capabilities you can also add serious value to your core business offering and can turn training from a cost into a profit. 

By giving your staff competence and confidence in Asset Management, you empower them to manage your assets sustainably and effectively.

Ask us about awe! and how you can get started with your Asset Management learning journey.