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The future of work: Learning makes the shift to digital

Helping you do business as (un)usual

In a time of change and uncertainty, one thing is becoming increasingly clear – that the world of work, and workplace learning, has made some major shifts since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Organisations are challenged with delivering great learning, compliance, culture change, leadership or sales training to your teams across distance for the foreseeable future.

At Kineo, we’re experts in creating digital learning solutions, whether that’s developing elearning, building bespoke digital learning programmes or providing best in class off the shelf content and platforms. Everything we do stems from a simple idea – if we design a better learning experience, together we’ll get better results.

Whether you need to onboard new starters, deliver a compliance programme or engage in an organisation-wide culture change programme, we’re here to help equip you with the skills, expertise and experience you need to get measurable results, and fast.

Future of work

We're here to help

Taking learning online

Have business critical face-to-face programmes you need to translate into online learning? We can help.

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Designing for digital

Great digital learning programmes take great learning design. Find out how to build a better online learning experience here.

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Managing your workforce

Developing and managing risk with remote teams doesn’t need to be a challenge.

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Blog: The times, they are a-changin’

Digital workplace learning has gone from a nice to have or part of a blend to an absolute essential. Find out what we think 2020 has changed in the world of workplace learning

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The latest Resources from Kineo

Digital Learning Content

  • Designing effective digital first learning programmes

    The demand for digital learning continues to grow but now it is needed more than ever. We wanted to provide you with some helpful tips on how to get started with digital first learning programmes

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  • Learning to become digital

    We are all being transformed by technology. Our access to information is unprecedented, our lives are being made more convenient, and our skills are being upgraded or replaced...

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  • Content was never king: designing elearning solutions for results

    n this webinar we explore how Kineo helps global brands like BP, DropBox, Credit Suisse, and Levi’s create world-class learning solutions and curriculums that precisely meet the needs of their learners

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  • The micro manual: getting microlearning, resources and performance support right

    Microlearning has been a buzzword for a while - but what does it really mean? And where do performance support resources come in?

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  • Getting in the (work)flow: Making Workflow Learning work for you

    Do you see learning and working as two separate undertakings? Where traditional learning takes employees away from the day job, learning in the flow of work – or workflow learning – happens while people are doing their jobs...

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  • Lights, camera, interaction: make interactive video work for learning

    With advances in technology, interactive video has recently burst into the limelight, but is it right for your learning needs?

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  • The power of the hook: how to make modern learners come back for more

    In this webinar we explore what the Hook Model is, how it works, and the benefits it could bring to learning design and look at examples of the Model in action.

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  • Looking for digital learning inspiration

    This guide provides a view into the world of learning design through the unique lens of not-for-profit organisations and associations.

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  • Bespoke or off-the-shelf elearning?

    If you’re looking for a new learning management system, you’ll want one that enables you to deliver the appropriate training to your organisation and to achieve your learning goals...

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  • Learning models: useful blueprints for learning designers

    We’ve identified a core set of learning design models to help you quickly understand design and easily apply them to the vast majority of learning requirements that come your way.

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Virtual Clasrooms

  • The ultimate guide to designing and delivering webinars

    Helping you with the most effective ways to deliver information and engage your teams from a distance.

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  • Virtual classrooms: How to use VC technology

    With the increase in online learning, L&D professionals are having to upskill themselves in virtual classroom technology and delivery - and fast. But how do you go about crafting a killer virtual classroom session?

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  • Virtual learning - best practice delivery and design

    t’s time to get creative and learn how to design and deliver a great virtual learning experience, and we reckon you won’t look back!

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  • Launch your LMS with help from Kineo

    Do you want a better Learning Management System (LMS) experience for your learners? Kineo is a Totara Platinum Partner with a longstanding history of providing award-winning LMS platform implementations

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  • How a great LMS helps managers engage with team training

    A reliable and modern LMS can benefit all areas of your organisation, especially managers looking to gain deeper insight into their team’s individual learning and development journeys...

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  • LMS Planning and implementation: a complete guide

    We've mapped out seven steps to take you to a successful LMS implementation

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